For those of you just back from holidays today (or if you’ve been living under a social media exempt rock), this week saw us launch Dungeon Saga on Kickstarter.  And as many of you know, this is my first experience of it as a community manager*.
I thought today I’d give you a quick overview of some of the fun things we’ve added to the box lately as stretch goals, because I know some of them have just zipped by.  I know I’ve felt a bit awed by the response, so I thought I’d make sure people are as informed as I can manage.

We also released our Alpha rules (and promptly knocked over the server – it’s fine now), and then, yesterday, shared a great game play video from the guys at Beasts of War.

Our base game – 1 pledge

We went a slightly different route than the last Kickstarter we ran – instead of having a base box, then some extra levels if you wanted a game with more stuff in, we’ve gone one pledge level on this one.  As most people that have been watching are aware, we funded out in four minutes – something we’re incredibly proud of.  And it’s taken until today to be able to write this post because every time I go to write it, we’re smashing another Stretch goal.

So, first, this is what’s in the base box.

That took us up to $250,000 funding, including the Kickstarter exclusives.

And then we added Allie McSween, which was, at the time of writing this post, in the last 24 hours.

ally 260k


And then we added Ibrahim….


So, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the new characters and the play styles they’ll be introducing.

Ally McSween introduces lock-picking and thievery, as you’d expect from a Halfling thief.  Which changes the dynamic of the base group entirely in some ways, especially if you have to choose between a series of characters to play as.  It’s important to consider your character as you go into the scenarios too – which means that new play styles could change the whole scenario for you.
Instead of attacking a door to smash it, Ally could unlock it.

These different skills and unique abilities give players the chance to have a lot of fun with the game – and that fun spreads deeper as you get into the second layer, where you can design your own games.

We’re currently asking on Facebook what you’d like to see as special rules for our Paladin – if you’d like to join in, please head on over there or comment here!

We’ve still got over three weeks to go, so I’m really excited to see what we can unlock before August 31st.Colour-Shot-2---Necromancer

Let’s not let the minions of darkness win!

We have also added a special $1 pledge, so that people can order add-ons if they like, or monitor the Kickstarter to see what’s next!

*I started as community manager in May, so this is my very first Kickstarter campaign.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer community to work in, so I wanted to say ‘thank you!’.

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