Throughout Dungeon Saga week on the blog, we’ve been asking you to leave us your Dungeon Saga questions. And you did. A lot of them!

Below you’ll find our answers – buckle up, this is a long one.


Dungeon Saga – The Dwarf King’s Quest

From Eriochrome

Q1) Who are the heroes for each of the expansions?

A2) They are:
The Return of Valandor: Valandor
The Warlord of Galahir: Kapoka, Gladewalker Druid, and Hrratth, Salamander Fighter.
The Infernal Crypts: Arianya, the Naiad Demonhunter, and Venetia, human cleric.
The Tyrant of Halpi: Ibrahim, human paladin and Ally, Halfling Thief.

From Psychopomp

Q1) Can we get a list of the monsters in the Adventurer’s Companion?

A1) I’m sure we can put that together for you in a future update, yep!

Q2) How will the Dungeon Critters offered as a Kickstarter addon work?

A2) Please check out the post here on the Bestiary, it includes the rules for using critters in your adventurers.

From Nikodemus

Q1) Will Ravenna the Witch and Gunn the Dwarven Engineer be release after the kickstarter?

A1) Yep!

Q2) Will metal Legendary Heroes of Renown and Heroes of Mantica be released in metal like the Heroes of Dolgarth?

A2) Yep!

Q3) What is the schedule to release the expansions?

A3) The current plan is that they are all out by the end of December 2016. I’m afraid I can’t be more specific than that but expect them roughly 3 months apart from each other 😉

Q4) If in the future you release more Heroes / Villains, how about releasing them in a double pack as the normal and legendary versions? I think it would make sense as if you choose to buy the miniature, more than likely you will be interested in the advanced legendary version.

A4) It’s possible depending on what material the hero/villains are in. I think that experienced hobbyists would be ok with a combination of plastic miniatures and metal alternatives. For beginners who are looking at this as a board game, the metal legendary figure may put them off and prevent them from being able to get one of the plastic heroes they might want.

Q5) As per the KOW, will there be ‘Non mantic’ races included, like the Ratkin?
Or could these be added later

A5) Not in the Adventurer’s Companion, but you never know we may do it in the future!

Q6) Does the Kickstarter version [of the Adventurer’s Companion] include the Tome Box?

A6) No.

From Haggai –

Q1) After seeing all the BoW weekend videos, DS seem simplistic to me. Too simplistic. With Decent 2nd edition having more complexity and higher production values, what DS have that will pull the Decent players in?

A1) The adventures we’ve shown off on Beasts of War so far are the opening scenarios designed to teach people how to play. They are intentionally simplistic, and as you progress through the story, the scenarios get more complex, with new mechanics, enemies and bosses introduced. Add in the Adventurer’s Companion and the sky is really the limit about how complicated you want it to be!

Production Values – in my personal opinion I think we more than match Descent for quality at 2/3 the price. The book packaging is amazing, the miniatures are great quality and the gameplay’s natural progression really helps achieve the feel of the game we are looking for. I thoroughly recommend having a demo with the product when it’s available 😀

Q2) Also, about the production values, the cards. Having them all with the same back seem both confusing and cheap.

A2) The cards do not all have the same backs, they have backs unique to the type of card you’re playing with.

Q3) Also the names of the overlord cards being so generic (3 Raise Dead for ex.) is a bad move in my opinion. It takes you away from the immersion and looks prototype-y.

I feel that it’s prescriptive, literal and tells the player exactly what it is they are doing, which can only help playing the game. Raising the Dead is absolutely a power that a Necromancer will use. Others maybe aren’t as immersive, but it’s a trade off between helping the Overlord player understand what it is they are doing.

Q4) With the campaign looking like a set up for an RPG (especially with the description at the start of the entry) could DS evolve into it? The main thing I’m missing are varying skill challenges. Like climbing a sheer wall, or traversing a lake of lava on a narrow beam.

A4) That really is the intention with the Adventurer’s Companion, it enabled you to play Dungeon Saga as a tabletop miniatures RPG. It will not be advanced enough to include those kind of skills challenges however.

Q5) Also will the Overlord have any traps to spring on the heroes, or is it all monsters?

A5) There are traps for the Overlord to spring ☺

From Devilmixer

it was a great weekend on Bow, now I am more exited than ever for this game, but I have a few questions

Q1) so I know it will not be in the Adventurer’s Companion, but are there plans to make rules for ratkins, and other “new” races to mantica?

A1) Never say never!

Q2) so doing the KS there were several new heros added, can you tell us a bit about how the are different to the 4 in the box, and maybe a bit of lore on them?

A2) Well, each of the heroes have different racial traits and different classes, and these impact on how they play in a game. The paladin for example has different abilities to a thief for example. We’ll explore each of these heroes in the run up to the expansions being released – or, if you’re a backer, you’ll be able to read up on them when you receive your pledge.

If you’re really desperate to know more, I recommend looking up the updates on the Kickstarter page ☺

Q3) will the book boxes and the dungon bases be sold separately?

A3) We’re looking at the book boxes at the moment, but there’s no reason not to see the Dungeon Bases separately!

Q4) Will there be Ai for the heroes?

A4) The AI system applies to the heroes as well. In this instance, you’d create a good dungeon and play with a party of evil heroes. The bestiary includes rules for Elf, Dwarf and human minions.

From Mark Saville

Q1) Do all the add on characters that KS backers got get those hero placemat card thingies that the retail four have too?

A1) No – any of the characters in the expansions do, but miniatures like Gunn and Ravenna do not come with character sheets.

Q2) Could we have news of the dedicated Dungeon Saga website please? Let’s get that populated in time for general release!

A2) Sure! It’s in development at the moment, and we’re really pushing on getting it up in time for general release!

Q3) Rules for tavern exploration- and the inevitable subsequent brawl- would be awesome.
The temple too of course. Rules for the Cleric upturning the traders’ tables in the temple ;-P

A3) Ha! Sounds great and a possible future expansion maybe? These locations exist, but it may take a little imagination to make these happen – of course, why not create your own rules for a tavern brawl?!

From Mark Cousin

All of the BOW videos were excellent and gave a good feel for the game and its contents.

Q1) Are the Different coloured boxes, for each expansion, going to be available to purchase separately

A1) Probably not, no.

Q2) Are there going to be some inserts for the boxes to store our painted miniatures

A2) If Ronnie gets his way, then yes!

Q3) Will there be points costs for items received by heroes in dungeon adventures so that these could be brought into games of KOW along with the heroes that go dungeon delving. or will this be already included in the adventurers companion.

A3) There is not included, no.

Q4) Can you give us a date of when the KS will ship.

A4) As per the latest update, we’re working with our manufacturer to work out this date. We’ll let you know via the updates when we get the information ☺

Q5) Are any pictures available of the extra characters made available through the KS along with maybe pictures of the new tiles from the expansions.

A5) In subsequent updates, we will do this yes.

Q6) What further plans do you have for DS apart from the three expansions we have seen in the KS. Can you give us a teaser of these plans, if any.

A6) You’ll have to wait and see! 😉

From Gabriel

Q1) With the fully co-op mode of the adventurer’s, can we play fully co-op the existing missions of the core box?

A1) Yep!

Q2) How do you play with the bad guys? Is that a solo game?

A2) On a basic level, playing as the Overlord player sets you up with playing as the bad guys. You can also play in a ‘good dungeon’ – where the minions and bosses are from a good race, like Elves or Dwarfs, and the ‘heroes’ in the adventure are from bad races like Abyssal Dwarfs or Undead.

From Seb

this looks great,and so awesome ! But there are some things i don’t understand on the screenshot:

Q1 For example, Gargoyle and Obsidian Golem are abyssal dwarves?

A1) The Abyssal Dwarf terms relates to the type of army the unit entries are included in, not so much the race of every type. The Abyssal Dwarfs are affiliated with dark creatures such as Gargoyles, and their Ironcasters power the Obsidian Golems.

Q2) Ogre and dwarf have the same armor?

A2) The stats you can see for the bosses represents the hero before they have chosen a profession (such as fighter) or equipment. These choices will have a material effect on these basics stats, it changes them.

Q3) Why the word “hero” is used in the text about racial feat?should read “monster” instead?
Monster is not a term that’s used in the book, in this case the character would play the role of Hero, whether they are good or evil variety.

From Patrick Stacey

Q1) Is there any chance that the text that is read out pre and post scenario might be able to be professionally voice acted. It would be nice to be able to buy an addon that contains mp3s or an App. Then at the press of a button, at a appropriate time in a scenario, the text would play with a little bit of theme music.

A1) Unlikely for the foreseeable future, but maybe one day – who knows!

From Dabbles –

Q1) I would really like to see a breakdown of what the KS backers are getting in the Dungeon Master Pack – particularly with the Aventures Companion & Dungeon Journal. You guys have done so much! I have kinda got lost in exactly what I am receiving!

A1) There is a lot of stuff, you’re right! I’m sure we can get this together for a future update, maybe even a future video too ☺

Q2) In the Beasts of War they mentioned that the Book Box will be different colours for the different expansions & there was a mention in update 80 of ” Kickstarter Exclusive Book Box ” if you got the 3 expansions. Is this box look different from the others? Is it different from the one we are getting with just the Dungeon Master Pack?
Thanks! Cant wait to get my box of goodies & discover all this for myself!

A2) If you ordered all three expansion with a Dungeon Master pledge, you will get two Book Boxes. One for the main game, and one that is totally unique and different from the expansions.

From Westward

Q1) Could you do a preview of the Black Fortress set? What it includes and how they differ from the standard tiles in the base game? Cheers

A1) Yep! We’ll do this for a future update.

From Mike Laaper

Q1) One question. I am unclear on how the raise undead tokens work. Are these free actions? Does the skeleton have to be raised on or next to the token? Thank you.

A1) Each turn a Necromancer gets a number of commands, these can be used to move a model, or raise skeleton from a pile of bones. In this instance you replace the token with a miniature. The Necromancer also can draw Raise Dead cards, which can be used in addition to commands to raise the dead!

From Hasnul

Q1) What about werewolves, mummys, war trombones, etc the one sold as add ons during ks campaign ?

A1) They are all in the book ☺

From Crimsonsun

Q1 – Page 94-95 details the Undead, I imagine/hope there will be a fair number of entries I’d be disappointed not to get profiles for: Wraiths, Werewolves, Vampires (Both Soul Reavers and Lords/Masters), normal Revanents, Wights, Banshees, Mummies, Liches, Necromancers, Dire Wolves, Zombie Dragons and I’ve no doubt forgotten some things. What Undead really need are a series of templates that can be utilised in conjunction with normal creature profiles so you have Zombie Template, Skeleton Template, Vampire Template, Embalmed Template and Spectral Templates for example. Then it would be a simple matter of picking a creature and applying its form of Undeath.

A1) Sounds cool! The vast majority of that list is included, would be great to see who comes up with rules for the Zombie Dragon first.

From Seb

Q1) will we find new items and locations cards in the expansion?

A1) Yep!

Q2) do you plan to release some “monster pack” with alternate pose/mini from KoW to cover the bestiary in the compendium? Sure mosts of the creatures seems to be in the King of War game,but the minis of this game looks more like “warrior in an army” than “monster in a dungeon” ?

A2) No, all of the entries in the Adventurer’s Companion Bestiary are already covered by the Kings of War range. The entries included aren’t really ‘monster’ in nature, rather minion or warrior.

Q3) Do you plan some campaign book in the future (not rules -that’s the compendium-,but a new story driven set of quests,using the campaign rules ?) ?

A3) Each expansion pack is a new story-driven set of quests. You can apply the Adventurer’s Companion campaign rules to these adventures. That’s not to say we won’t do any new adventures or campaigns in the future, though nothing is planned yet.

Q4) Do you have plan after all the expansions from the KS ?more expansions?more KS about dungeon saga?Is this just the beginning for this game?Some dungeons maps using another system of tiles?

A4) Not at the moment, but we’d love to if everything goes well with the game at retail!

Q5) I am not a fan of the clip system for the tiles…why not release tiles with a “puzzle” system (like Descent) ?is it planned?

A5) We don’t like the jigsaw system, we found it limited what you could do with the tile set, both in terms of creating new scenarios for the stories we wanted to tell, and for you to create your own. With our system, you can place tiles anywhere. Also we found after playing a few games, the jigsaw system meant that the tiles frayed and got damaged, which shouldn’t happen with the clips.

Q6) I- am a bit worried that the wizard has more stuff to do in his turn (card management) thant other heroes.Barbarian,for example seems pretty limited: move and attack,or attack.

A6) The wizard is a bit more involved than the Barbarian and Fighter, but won’t be doing so much attacking so it balances out, timewise.

Q7) Is it possible (or in a future) to see some feats/skills optionnal adding more choice for melee/ranged heroes ?(like a charge,or a rage systeme etc,adding some management for the players).

A7) Sure! There are plenty of additional feats in the Adventurer’s Companion we can show off in a future blog.

And again this game looks great! simple,elegant,this is what we’ve been waiting for.

I hope we will see more things for this game.

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is now available to pre-order from your local gaming store and the Mantic website. It begins shipping in October.

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