Who could forget that in less than two weeks, the fantabulous Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace game is being released from the warehouse and onto the shelves of your local retailer soon. Yes, the boxes are in, the finished artwork looks fantastic, and people were absolutely blown away with how Dwarf King’s Hold (both Dead Rising and Green Menace) played at our Open Day. Even our very own Josh Roberts was impressed by how differently the two games feel and play.

Well, in the first of our Dwarf King’s Hold content for this week (and you’re in for a treat because Beasts of War are holding a Dwarf King’s Hold week next week too!) we’ve got two great videos to show you, which Beasts of War have kindly republished after their issues with Youtube.

Both of them come from a time when Dwarf King’s Hold was but a prototype, but actually they both still stand true – of particular note is the gameplay video. Want to see how to play Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising? Then check out this video now!

Dwarf King's HoldThe videos have also been added to the Dwarf King’s Hold Hub

Not to forget, if the video has blown you away with it’s simple mechanics and tactical gameplay and the large pack of really cool tiles and fantastically detailed miniatures has sucked you in too (the amount of people making really large boards by joining all the tiles together at the Open Day was hilarious), then check out our Dwarf King’s Hold game bundle, where you can get Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising, Green Menace, a limited edition Dwarf Driller figures and a bundle-exclusive scenario.


This scenario is the first time the Dwarfs get to fight against the Orcs, and includes rules for using the Dwarf Driller figure, so it really is something unique and different – and only available in the Dwarf King’s Hold bundle.

Get yours now and be the first to get the free goodies, and check back tomorrow for more!

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