Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising has now sold out, and stock levels of Green Menace is now low, so we know there’s loads of you out there with copies of what we think is an excellent series of games. Well, to further support the game, Jake has now scribbled down some additional rules for Dead Rising, allowing you to use Zombies in the game!

Zombie Front Zombies – shambling around a Dwarf King’s Hold near you!

Zombies adds a new tactical dimension to the game because they are inherently rubbish with just 2 dice and 1 armour, though they do have mob rule in their favour – they are both challenging to play with and against, and let’s face it, chasing Zombies around a dungeon with a big hammer is a fantastic hobby to have!

Also painted by Andrew Wedmore!

Zombie rules are now available in the Dwarf King’s Hold Hub here, and why not let us know what you think of them in the Dwarf King’s Hold forum here, or drop us a comment below?

Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising will be back in stock in 2-3 weeks time. You can pre-order your copy, or the Dwarf King’s Hold: Limited Edition Game bundle, here. Mantic zombies can be found here.

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