We’ve found our Army Sets to be very popular with the large army afficionado, but we felt we could get even more miniatures in a box, so in September we are launching our mega-army sets (more on them in tomorrow’s video).

These mega-armies include heroes and all manner of different units across the ranges. With the launch of yesterday’s Dwarf hub, the first Mega-army up for pre-order is the Dwarf Army and a total of 117 miniatures and 3 warmachines – would you just look at it on the battlefield!

Dwarf-MA-WhiteBaldr’s Armoured Battalion on the Battlefield

One of the most exciting things about these new mega-army sets (apart from the huge number of figures and the mind-blowing number of Dwarf dogs) is that they will also be available in your local retailer – check our stockists list to find out where yours is!

This set is a great way to start or expand your existing army in readiness for the new edition of Kings of War. Baldr’s Armoured Battalion is now available for pre-order and will be released on the 26th September. All orders over £25, €35 and $50 ship post-free during August.

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