Cold wind blew colder rain onto the line of Dwarfs, ragged sheets of almost mist that made the air barely distinguishable from the moorland mires they’d been tramping through for weeks. It was as if the air had become water, and wherever a veil of the rain draped itself, it left beards soaked and bones chilled. But there was more here to steal the heat from a warm heart. Dwarfs stood beleaguered, weapons gripped in numb hands as they fought against the dead for their lives…

Mantic Games Dwarf Concept Sketch

In Part 2 of Dwarf Week, with only days left to go before the first Dwarfs go up for Pre-order, we’ve uploaded new background text for the Dwarf’s ironclad, and an exciting new short story.

Click here for the first few Tales from the Forge

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