The Enforcer Peacekeepers are a brand new unit to be added to the Enforcer faction. They are the universes finest soldiers, feared by all who oppose the will of the council. An unstoppable force on the battlefield, they have been known to achieve great feats of military prowess, achieving things thought to be impossible by a whole army, let alone a small strike squad.

A new hard plastic kit has been released for the Enforcer Peacekeepers, so let’s dive in and take a look at it!


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Designed and built by the forges of the Star Realm, ‘Peacekeeper’ armour, as it has come to beknown, is the most advanced and efficient personal armour available to the forces of humanity. Two main variants of Peacekeeper armour currently exist. The Mark 22 version, issued only to senior commanders within the Peacekeeper forces, and the Mark 26, used in greater numbers by whole specialised squads.

Peacekeepers function as the ultimate deterrent. In a Deadzone, if hostilities are protracted, a unit of these elite troops may be dispatched to break a deadlock. Their firepower and toughness ensures that not much is able to stand before them.


On the first sprue we have quite a lot of goodies. Firstly we have a row of 7 heads in 3 different variations and 2 satchels. Having these options is great for making each member of you unit look unique.

Next we have a row of varied arms either capable of mounting a shield or a supporting arm for a shotgun, burst laser or incinerator. Moving down the sprue and things start to heat up a bit! We have 6 shotguns, a burst laser, incinerator as well as a shoulder pad to be mounted to one of the shotgun arms. Yet again, lots of tasty weapons to carry out the orders given by the Council. Finally this sprue contains 4 of the 5 big, chunky bodies.


The second sprue is home to the shields. These shields are huge, capable of deflecting even the heaviest of fire power, leaving the Peacekeepers free to carve a path through any Deadzone regardless of any resistance they may face!

Next on the sprue are 5 right legs, all in various poses, giving every member of the unit a unique pose. Moving down the sprue we have the remaining body, 2 arms for mounting shields as well as an Assault Blade arm and 2 Energy Gauntlet arms.

There’s something extremely cool about seeing a Peacekeeper with a shotgun in one hand, Energy Gauntlet in the other, punching a helpless Asterian into the floor. Finally on this sprue are the remaining left legs.

MGDZE05-1-DZ-ENFORCER-PEACEKEEPERS-colour-shotEnforcer Peacekeepers with 2 defenders with shotgun, 1 heavy weapons specialist with incinerator and energy gauntlet , 1 Peacekeeper with shotgun and a Sergeant with shotgun and assault blade. Just one of the many configurations the Enforcer Peacekeepers can be armed with.

The Enforcer Peacekeepers are a great way of expanding your sci-fi mass battle army or adding some unique miniatures to your skirmish force. They make an excellent choice to use as an elite troop in any sci-fi setting and will really standout in any army the needs an imposing models with some serious firepower.

The Enforcer Peacekeepers are a truly beautiful kit. The detail is very crisp and the shields are amazing. Who wouldn’t want to field this awesome unit in every Enforcers list? The whole kit is a pleasure to put to together and painting the Peacekeepers is going to be great. Im trying to think of some awesome schemes to do on the shields, so if you have any great ideas, let me know in the comments below!

The Enforcer Peackeepers are just £14.99/$24.99 and contain 5 miniatures including a sergeant, heavy weapons specialist and the options to upgrade unit members to use close combat assault weapons.

The Enforcer Peacekeepers are available to pre-order now! So get yourself over to the Mantic website and get your hands on these elite troops!
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