Following on from Luke Watson’s overview on who are the Enforcers, we get our hands on the latest reinforcements for the Corporation’s greatest defenders…

The Enforcers were originally released for Warpath way back in 2012, launching with a resin plastic kit and a few metal upgrades to make a close combat assault squad or a devestating long-range attack force. When Deadzone was released we expanded them with all sorts of cool new additions like the Enforcer Sniper and multi-faction Strider. Now, reinforcements arrive and we’re back to creating highly detailed hard plastic miniatures.

In this blog, we take a look at Enforcer Support Booster, before we get our mitts on the Enforcer Peacekeepers and Pathfinder on Bike later in the week.

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The Enforcers are the Council of Seven’s specialist military division – a technologically superior fighting force equipped with the best armour the Corporation can buy. Armed with an array of devestating weaponry, the Enforcer’s unwavering discipline and specialist training make them some of the galaxy’s most feared warriors on the battlefield. They operate as a completely self-contained force, able to call upon their own specialists to deal with any scenario. This includes field medics, trained in the strange and esoteric physiology of these superhuman soldiers, as well as close quarter urban suppression specialists known as defenders, equipped with combat shields and high powered shotguns.


Hard plastic sci-fi troopers has always been a goal of ours and with the success of the Plague Zombies, we’re following up with the Enforcers and Peacekeepers. This move provides a great jump in material quality and is much nicer to work with as a hobbyist.

The Enforcer Support Booster features two frames jam packed with goodies and then a separate bag of premium plastic parts to make some specialist unit choices. Click the images to get a closer view:enforcer-sprue-b-rear enforcer-sprue-b-front


For anyone that has made Enforcers previously using the old premium plastic kit, you will be aware that some of the joints and fitting, especially the hand to Heavy Laser Rifle, could be a little “challenging” sometimes. You will be happy to know that the hard plastic kit resolves this and they are an absolute dream to put together.

There are a total of five bodies and pairs of legs, allowing for multiple poses, as well as 9 heads in 4 different styles to make each member of your unit look more unique, including the awesome Enforcer Defender-style helmets!

These sprues are also home to a number of Heavy Laser Rifles, including two that requires a two-handed grip to wield it effectively, and Assault Blades with paired pistols. This means that you can assemble your figures as basic troopers with rifles or create a combat squad by arming them with Assault Blades and pistols. There’s also enough components to convert your figures to have extra ammo, satchels, holstered pistols, grenades and knives, as well as a Sergeant figure.

Next comes the heavy hitters! The Incinerator, Burst Laser and Energy Gauntlet are all heavy upgrades to your unit to really cause some damage. So in all, there’s one hell of a lot of weapons to play with – and that’s before we even get to the bag of premium plastic upgrade parts which allow you to upgrade two figures to Defenders, and add a medic to your force!

Here are a few different examples of how you can configure the miniatures:

Unknown5 Enforcers with heavy rifles, Sergeant and Burst Laser Heavy Weapon

ENFORCER-SUPPORT-BOOSTER2Enforcer Sergeant, Medic, Two Defenders with Shields and Shotguns, Enforcer with Burst Laser, and Enforcer with Heavy Rifle

enforcer-support-booster-colour-shotThis additional premium plastic components included in the set contain weapons and shields to make the two Defenders as well as the entire body and parts to make the Enforcer Medic. Let’s be honest, how cool do those shields look?!?!

The Enforcer Support Booster is a great kit whether you’re wanting to add some marines to a sci-fi mass battle army for a game like Warpath or are looking to create more individual figures for a skirmish game like Deadzone.

This kit is a great addition from a hobby perspective as hard plastic is much nicer to work with. The detail on the hard plastic is much crisper and I’m looking forward to getting paint onto these guys!

The Enforcer Support Booster is just £9.99/$19.99 and contains 6 miniatures, including a sergeant, medic, heavy weapon specialists and even the option to upgrade two figures to Enforcer Defenders.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

Head over to the Mantic website and get your hands on those pretty shields and heavy weapons now – the Enforcer Support Booster is available to pre-order now!

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