It’s here – it’s Enforcers week!

Want to see the other side? Keep checking back to the blog this week!

Over the course of this week we’ll be delving into the design and background of the newest Warpath units – the Enforcers. Over the course of this week we’ll take a look at the background, concept art and sculpts as well as check out how the cover art is progressing before we get painted units to show off in August. Exciting times ahead!

Currently in the Warpath 2.0 Beta Corporation Army List – available exclusively for download from our newsletter – the Enforcers may eventually become a force unto themselves. To start the week, Guy Haley has tackled the background. Here’s a snippet:

Each corporation, or house (the nomenclature varies depending on the type of company referred to), supports its own fleets and armies for the maintenance of order within its own space, conquest of new territory, and defence against outside aggression. These too must be licensed, and the rules regarding precisely what equipment and weaponry may or may not be borne by Corporation Troopers are only slightly less complex than those governing galactic taxation. Although the corporations constantly attempt to get around these regulations, they are enforced rigidly, with the result that most Corporation armies greatly resemble each other despite each being a distinct and private army. Weaponry and armour are either Corporation-made, or bought at great cost from the Forgefathers (regulating what may be purchased from the Forgefathers by an individual corporation supports a sizable bureaucracy all its own). Many corporations support weapons development arms, but naturally those that specialise in the production of war materiel tend to have the better equipped troops.
It is not unknown for individual corporations to come to blows over resources, even in blatant disregard of awarded licenses. From time to time the board of a reckless or powerful corporate entity might defy the will of Corporation Central and attempt to carve out an independent domain, and there are those occasions when a corporation’s own soldiery is not sufficient a force to perform a certain task; unexpectedly aggressive aliens.

Under these circumstances the Enforcers will be called in. These elite warriors exist to enforce the will of the government – they answer solely to Corporation Central, meaning, in actuality, the Council of Seven. Comprised of superior soldiers, equipped with some of the best technology in the galaxy, the troops of the Enforcers are few in number, but each is worth a score of lesser men. In firepower they are matched only by the Forgefathers, while in combat they are as deadly as the wild Marauders. Their loyalty to Corporation Central is absolute. Unmatched in the galaxy, the Enforcers are the elite of the elite, the armoured right fist of Corporation Central.

A secret army
Very little is actually known about the Enforcers. They were first created in the wake of the Mandrake Marauder rebellions, as a replacement for those treacherous companies of aliens under Corporation Central’s direct command. Corporation Central does its best to keep the Enforcers’ recruitment, equipment, disposition, overall numbers, organisation and membership confidential. In a galaxy as large as ours, this is nigh on impossible, and there are certain matters that are readily apparent to an observer, nevertheless the Enforcers remain shrouded in secrecy.

More will be available tomorrow as the Enforcers Background section goes live and we’ll also have the first pieces of concept art! If you’ve not already, find out more about the Enforcers in Podcast Episode 3.

The Enforcers are now available to pre-order both as great value army sets and as individual unit, and will be released on the 17th September. More photos will be revealed over the week.

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