Against the history of the Shining Ones battle with the Wicked Ones, there’s a rich fantasy world to explore and conquer with Kings of War.

A World At War

The world turns on, and a new age has begun – but it is an age of war. The ranks of the half-gods, both Shining Ones and Wicked Ones, are thinned, but they survive still, while the conflicts of the ancients have re-wrought the world time and again, offering fresh territories to Man, Dwarf and Elf alike. Some say this is a time of rebirth; if so, the midwives in attendance are war and strife.

Old oaths are broken, alliances forgotten. Where once the three Noble Peoples were united under the banners of vast empires, they now bicker and squabble, fighting between themselves and each other, carving meagre territories in lands plagued by violence and darkness. The Elven Kindreds no longer function as one kingdom, the glories of Primovantor are long gone, and the Dwarfs have hardened their hearts against the surface world. The threat of resurgent hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, and creatures of the Abyss is never far away, while armies of the dead pace the land, led by the necromancer Mhorgoth, who some say is the greatest threat Mantica has faced since the destruction of Winter.

An Age of Conflict

Forces Lists for eleven armies are present in Kings of War 2nd Edition, and each race is explored in more depth than ever before. And, for the first time, the Forces of the Abyss and the Forces of Nature are broken out in more detail…


Extract from the Forces of Nature:

While the armies of Mantica wage constant war, vying for power in a tumultuous land, they are ever watched from the darkening forests and windswept tors. These secret watchers are the Druids, servants of the Green Lady, and they seek nothing more than true balance between the forces of light and darkness. When the scalestip too far in favour of good or evil, the Druids awaken their own armies – feyspirits, vengeful elementals and ferocious beasts – and march to restore order to the land. No leafy grove or befrosted tundra can provide sanctuary from the Forces of Nature; to battle them is to battle the world of Mantica itself.

You Develop The Story

Through your Kings of War battles, the forthcoming global campaign and your own Dungeon Sagas, you will tell the story of how the future of Mantica will unfold. Great stories of battles fought and victories won will pass into legend, and your kings of war will become the stuff of legends…

Silarin loosed another an arrow, which buried itself into the soldier’s head. Silarin’s sister, Laesa, leapt nimbly between two other attackers, her silvered blades biting deep into their hamstrings. The halberdiers fell with agonised screams, but more were on the way.

“Come sister,” cried Silarin, “we must make for the shrine.”

The sound of crude blackpowder weapons filled the air. The Elves withdrew at once, the bodies of their kin staining the forest floor red. The roar of Basilean lions and the shouts of soldiers forced the Elves on – the last of the Gladestalkers, fleeing an ill-favoured battle.

They moved swiftly – the two of them knew the woods better than any Basilean. But they were not swift enough. Silarin heard it first, his keen senses alerting him to the ambush only a moment too late. Hard-faced soldiers and pious Basilean priestesses surrounded them. Fires raged in the woods beyond, as sacred trees were put to the torch.

“Why?” Laesa screamed.

A large woman stepped forward, warhammer readied. “Because this land is sacred to Mescator, and these false idols are an abomination. Your kind do not belong here. May your path back to the embrace of your own gods be swift and merciful.”

Silarin steadied his sister, and glared at the Abbess. “You really shouldn’t have burned those trees,” he said.

The Abbess arched an eyebrow. “Why not, Elf?”

Silarin nodded to the thick tangle of trees behind her. “Because you’ve made their brothers very angry.”

The last thing the Abbess saw was a mighty bough crashing down upon her. The Forest Wardens had come, and not a moment too soon.


Kings of War is set in a rich and deep fantasy realm steeped in history. Which army will you choose?

Kings of War 2nd Edition is now available to pre-order and begins shipping in August.

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