If you thought Project Pandora was good, then you have to get down to Total Wargamer this Saturday for their huge Project Pandora mission:

The game will be over 5 Project Pandora boards with up to 8 players controlling individual squads of Corporation and Veer-myn.
The board is made up from 5 Project Pandora sets and produces a game area of 110cm x 80cm of dense corridors and rooms.
The objective will be to capture the maximum number of randomly re-occurring objectives over a turn limit.
Now I don’t know about you, but this sounds awesome to us! So good in fact that we are thinking of some games set up like this for Pandora and Dwarf Kings Hold would be awesome for our next open day.
So make sure you get down to Total Wargamer this Saturday and let us know below how you got on.
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