The Enforcers are the Council of Seven’s elite peacekeepers, dispatched to tackle threats that are beyond the scope of regular military units. Each Enforcer is a superior soldier, trained in countless forms of combat and equipped with the best technology available. As a unit they are disciplined and fearless, ready to lay down their lives to carry out the orders of their captain. When a Containment Protocol is decreed, multiple Enforcers patrols are sent to the planet’s surface to retrieve important tech, repel raiders and terminate priority targets. Although they may be outnumbered, they will never be outgunned.

Design Notes

The Enforcers are humanity’s elite soldiers in the Warpath universe. For Deadzone, they’ve been digitally re-mastered to take into account some of the feedback of the models from our Warpath Sci-fi Mass Battle Range.

The Enforcers in Deadzone are out on campaign, and they’ve been beefed up with more equipment and new add-ons reflecting the equipment and loot found in the Urban Warzone. Enforcers carry grenades and scanners, as well as being detailed with pouches and ammo packs.

Deadzone Enforcers – like all of the models – are designed to be cross compatible with our Warpath range, acting as elite veteran units.

Furthermore, Deadzone introduces new specialists to the range, including the Enforcer Sniper and Engineer. Then there’s also specialist equipment such as Assault blades and Missile Launchers.

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