We are always looking to see our miniatures being used, and even more we love to see painted units and full armies.

An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields has come to our attention, we thought the work on here was fantastic and we just had to share it with you:

Entire Army

The whole army looks absolutely outstanding! Very characterful and painted to an exceptional standard.

We like the fact that the army contains miniatures from a number of different sources, yet still manages to look like a very cohesive force.

Revenant Cavalry

What we like even more though is that this is a Kings of War Army, the units are modelled on to scenic bases, as with our innovative nerve system you have much more freedom to create some fantastic units like these:

Ghoul Regiment

Revenant Regiment

Skeleton Regiment

Catapult Battery

This is one of the best Mantic armies we have seen to date, and it would be a pleasure to play a game of Kings of War against this force.

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