There’s a lot of excitement in the office regarding the new Hellfire and Stone book, and if you’ve considered playing Kings of War but not yet slapped your army down on the battlefield, here’s five reasons why we think you should!


5 – Big Armies, Big Battles

There’s nothing quite like the sight of hordes of Undead figures lined up against an uneasy alliance of Elves and Dwarfs! With Kings of War, this battle is possible.

Undead Boris Samec

Boris Samec’s Undead

The game scales up from just a few units and a hero to hundreds of miniatures either side effortlessly. I’ll never forget my entry into a Kings of War tournament a year or two ago, where I took a Goblin horde that was nearly impossible to fit into the deployment zone. And it was only a 1750-point game!!

On May 17th we’re holding a Kings of War participation event where we want to break the record for the largest Kings of War game ever. We reckon that’s 50,000 points – just imagine the size of the goblin army needed for that!!

4 – It’s Easy to Take Part

Whether you’ve already got a mass combat fantasy army or are just starting, it’s easy to pick up and play Kings of War.

With a range of comprehensive army lists, you’ll be able to drop any existing fantasy army into the game and use it straight away.

Orcs and Dwarfs

Alternatively, starting an army is easy with the 2-player battle set and our range of 1-player starter sets. These allow you to build the core of your army, which you can then expand with the regiment kits.

3 – It’s Quick to Play

The rules are simple and designed to offer a quick to play experience. Don’t let the simplicity of the rules fool you though, Kings of War is a deep, tactical experience, where movement and support is key, as is the art of army building.


However, you will spend most of your time actually playing the game, rather than referring to a rulebook and discussing what a particular situation means for your army.

This makes the game flow and not take much time at all!

2 – It’s Supported

From new campaign books to updated models, we continue to churn out Kings of War releases, supporting the game with new ways of playing, and new models to play with.


Last summer saw 3 straight months of Kings of War releases, with the Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Basileans and more getting new reinforcements – who can forget the Trolls and the Werewolves! And we’ve got two months coming up with new releases for the Dwarfs and reinforcements for the Abyssal Dwarfs.

And there’s more to come 😉

1 – The Rules are Free

Oh yes – the core rules and army lists are all free to download from our website. We’re currently missing the Forces of Natures and the Forces of the Abyssa, but otherwise all the rules you need to play the game with any of the factions that have miniatures are available to download on the website in the Free Rules section.

Mantica map

Discover Mantic in the full colour 144-page hardback Kings of War rulebook.

From there you can pick up the Hardback rulebook to learn more about the background, as well as expand your games into sieges and timed games.

That’s what we think anyway, but how about you – what are your top 5 reasons for playing Kings of War? Leave your comments below!

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