$75,000 has been and gone – thank you all so so much for your continued support of LOKA!

We approaching the final stages of this campaign now and what you’ve allowed us to do has been simply incredible – with this latest goal hit we’re now been able to upgrade the LOKA art and add a multiplayer board on the reverse side!

$80,000 – LOKA Campaign

At $80,000, Alessio will be able to create a campaign system for LOKA and a set of campaign markers.

We’ll include a digital download of the Campaign System, Map and Campaign Markers into every pledge of Bishop ($50) and up.

We’ll include a printed Campaign Map in with all pledges of Knight ($100) and up too.

$85,000 – LOKA Scenery Upgrade

If we hit $85,000, we’ll be able to upgrade the LOKA scenery. We’ll create shiny terrain tiles for eight additional types of Scenery including the Dragon’s Lair and the Temple of the Fifth Element.

These extra tiles will be thrown in free with a pledge of Bishop ($50) and up!

Please pop on over and support LOKA on Kickstarter – 5 days to go!

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