This week is all about the Fate of the Forgestar set – with 55 figures and 2 vehicles, there’s a lot to show-off and we’ll be going through each bit, in turn, showing exactly what is in the box. You’ll want to be tuning in everyday this week.

First up is the contents shot – we’ve posted it up here and there (including here on the website alongside some of the other detail shots of the contents), but this will be the main shot that runs along the back of the box.


Click the thumbnail for an expanded image

As you can see, there are absolutely loads of Marauders included in the box – a green horde fighting against the Elite troops of the Forge Fathers. There are enough bits on the Marauder frames to arm your troops with Anti-tank gun BFGs and special Ripper Talons, whereas the Forge Fathers get the Stormrage Veterans and their Hailstorm Autocannons, Heat Cannon and Heat Hammers – more on this over the coming week!

One final thing to note is that any of you who received the newsletter on Friday or looked over Bell of Lost Souls will have seen these:

Forge-Father-HuscarlMarauder-WarlordWe’re so excited by these guys but what do you think? Drop us your comments below!