Wow – what a day! Given we’re only now 5 days away from the close of the Kickstarter, we’re charging towards that Asterian team!

First up, because of its sizzling popularity we’ve re-allocated some of the stock from the Jack level to Striker! meaning there are now a few more available that will ship before Christmas. We’ve also capped the number of pre-Christmas shipping Keepers in anticipation of running out of stock. In short, we’ve not much left that can be guaranteed this side of the big day!

We’ve also had a bit of a play around with the main page today. Firstly, we know that there are loads of Add-ons available – from new teams and MVPs to Paint Sets and Accessories, so we’ve put this handy little guide together to help out:

Not only that, but we’ve tidied up a lot of the graphics as well as clarified some of the deals. We’ve also added some of the extras you guys were asking us for, including:

Rulebooks! You can now get a printed copy of DreadBall Season 2 as well as an additional copy of the DreadBall rules – and even get it signed by Ronnie and Jake!

– White Cases – the trusty Mantic Carry Case popped up in our video the other day and you asked us to put them up as an add-on. We’ve constructed a buy one get one free deal on the boxes, which are lined with foam. They’ll hold up to around 20 models each – more than enough space for your team!

– we’ve put up new MDF Upgrade Packs for your pitch and 6 additional colors for the DreadBall Pitch Upgrade pack, including a clear acrylic set for all of you thinking about lighting up your pitch! Don’t forget that if you’ve pledged for a Co-Prosperity Park Arena Premium Pitch you can add on $5 and get your choice of coloured acrylic inserts.

In addition, the number of bases on a sprue have been bumped to 24 rather than 22.

Finally, we’ve also been in touch with the guys at Golem Painting Studio and cried on their shoulders until they would paint us some more sets. Eventually they agreed and there are now three new Team Colours Unlimited sets available! Because of the unprecedented amount of miniatures in Striker (definitely more than we anticipated!), we’ve had to increase the value a bit to cover all of the extra stuff – there’s now that much stuff in it!

If you want to get the entire Striker! package painted by Golem, nab them before they’re gone!

Have at it guys – onwards to the Asterians!

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