It’s been a wild ride but with over 600 backers pledging their support to the cause, the LOKA Kickstarter has blown away all of our expectations.

The Air and Ice Chess Sets were not possible without your backing

Not only have we been able to fund tooling for all four chess sets, we’ve added new scenery tiles to the game, a dice combat system, a double-sided multiplayer board and a heap of models to get you gaming the LOKA way.

We’re now into the last weekend and we’ve updated the front page to simplify the way you go about picking your pledge, with the introduction of three new guides:

Basic Guide to the LOKA Kickstarter

Pledge Level Guide

Add-on Guide

Fire faces off against Earth

Stretch Goals
We’re currently funding a whole host of goodness for the game – and a heap of freebies for your pledge:

$80,000 – A LOKA Campaign System, Map and Markers!

$85,000 – 8 Brand new pieces of Scenery for your LOKA game!

For the full details of what you get at which level, check out our Stretch Goals Guide.

But it doesn’t end there – oh no. We’ll keep posting up Stretch Goals if you keep knocking them over!

New Kickstarter Add-ons!
As it’s the last weekend, we’ve saved some special add-ons for the final push…

Premium Elemental LOKA Game Board
These Elemental themed LOKA Game Boards are made of premium metal and come in four varieties:

Of course, if you want your own customised art on one of these incredible boards, check out the King pledges.

Finally, as a special treat for the last weekend, we’ve also got a new fun add-on.

At $85,000 we’re currently funding all-new scenery tiles for the game, including the Temple of the Fifth Element – and we thought it’d be fun to have a unique Kickstarter Exclusive Queen Model to go with it!

Queen of the Fifth Element

This brand new model is exclusive to the Kickstarter Campaign so don’t miss out on your chance to get this funky new piece – you can even buy multiples if you want!

Don’t forget that you can pledge for it even if you don’t want any of the items on the Kickstarter – just pledge $12 + shipping and select No Reward.

Please support LOKA this FINAL weekend on Kickstarter – we’d appreciate any support you can give us!

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