What a week! Let’s finish DreadBall week with a bang then…

First up – New Video from Ronnie who is very excited to discover that the box and the Rulebook are now in the building!

We’ve also shown off four MVPs this week meaning we’ve got one more left…


Wildcard is actually a Season 2 MVP and won’t be released until next year but we’ve had a number of limited edition metal versions done which, if you pre-order DreadBall before the 13th November, we’ll include one free with your order!

We’re nearly out of stock (like literally, we’ve half a dozen copies, maybe a dozen left!) so there is every chance that come Monday, every copy will have gone. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen from DreadBall this week, then don’t wait – grab a copy now!

Oo, and that’s not all we’ve got. Check these out!

Quadrant Zero Stadium

An older arena situated in the outer reaches, the Quadrant Zero Stadium is a former Enforcer base that has since been sold on to ZenaCorps, a merchant conglomerate with reported links to space piracy and smuggling. Quadrant Zero is in a severe state of disrepair and it’s reported every cycle that its license to hold DreadBall tournaments is openly under threat from Digby.

The Quadrant Zero Stadium is a fully customizable gaming pitch that you can paint to suit whatever themed stadium you want to have – we’ve seen suggestions ranging from lava planets to steely grey metallic arenas! Of course, you don’t have to paint it at all and can just use it as a complete gaming pitch!

Co-prosperity Park Arena

Co-prosperity Park is a floating arena in the centre of the Diare district, a multi-trillion credit venue that has hosted such major-league finals as SlamBall IV and GloryBall 8. The stadium is in a constant state of noise, both from the cheers of the fans, shouting from the players and never-ending chatter from the vid-screens and advertising bots.

The DreadBall pitch is as every bit instrumental to the look and feel of the game as the miniatures and the art, and now you can get the full DreadBall experience with a real neodurium pitch!

Ok, the Co-prosperity Park Arena is actually premium quality Acrylic but this heavily upgraded pitch can be used as a complete second board and also breaks down into easy-to-store components!

Team Upgrade Packs

Mark out your stadium in the colours of your team and show your allegiance with this premium quality Acrylic upgrade pack!

These branded Acrylic Strike Zones are fully compatiable with both the Quadrant Zero Arena Customizable pitch and the premium Co-prosperity Park Stadium.

Yeah, pretty sexy right? And all now available to pre-order as well.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is now available to pre-order and will begin shipping late November. Enter our competition to win upwards of £400 worth of DreadBall models.

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