So, August started with a bang for us, and I wanted to give everyone the grand overview of where we are and what we’re doing – not just for Dungeon Saga, but for all of our projects.

Kickstarter to be proud of

We’re always really proud of our Kickstarters, but Dungeon Saga is on track to be our most successful yet – we’re hoping to get more people than ever enjoying our game, starting with Dungeon Saga.  We’ve unlocked a heck of a lot to go into the box, and we’ve got some really gorgeous choice add-ons to customise your game to the max, or, conversely, if you’re not interested in the boxed set itself, upgrade your copy of Dwarf King’s Hold with our new pieces.
One of the major things I’m delighted we unlocked is the AI/Solo play rules, and I know a lot of people were waiting for that!
And, we unlocked BLAINE!
We’ve also had some great feedback on the Alpha rules, and Jake has been writing up a storm at Quirkworthy.
As this article goes up, we’re fast approaching our first expansion unlock, at 340k.  And tomorrow is our second add-on Wednesday, which was wildly popular last week!


Looks good, doesn’t it?  Wanna join in and unlock this add-on?  Head over to Kickstarter.

Mars Attacks and Deadzone Wave 2

We’re blitzing through shipping Deadzone Wave 2 from the parts that have arrived and are eagerly awaiting the final pieces to fulfil the Kickstarter orders.  We’re also setting up to take a limited amount of copies of Mars Attacks to Gen Con, so if you’re going to be there, swing by stall 1343 and say hi!

If you didn’t back at Kickstarter, you can also order both Deadzone and Mars Attacks as a pre-order on the store now, so you don’t need to miss out!
We’re shipping a lot right now, so please do bear with us for email replies and more – though we’ve got lots of content ready to go for the next few weeks, it’s still the same core team doing everything, so replies may not be immediate 🙂

Going forward, we’re going to be working on some really great things, and we’d love to hear from you what’s missing from your life, gaming wise.  What would make Dungeon Saga irresistible for you?  Where should we be talking to you – what platforms are you interested in reading about?  What questions do you have for us?



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