First of many.

26th Aug 2009

Ronnie Renton

We have some images of our 28mm plastic models.

The plastic tooling process means that you don’t get the actual figures until you are really close to the launch. However, I got a few of the models from the sprue photographed yesterday, please find a photo of the first. Obviously, there will be more, and painted versions as soon we get them.

A number of the figures (7) have a separate right arm holding a spear.  We have just one figure photographed below, but with the same arm in different positions. With 5 different arms you can now model various poses for each individual figure. The arms with the holes fit on the models with studs, meaning they are all completely interchangeable. Click the thumbnails below to view the images in higher detail.


The separate arms will allows you to add other weapon choices to your army –  there is a unit with bows coming soon too.

The figures push into the square base. I think the detail the toolmakers, Renedra Limited, have captured at 28mm are truly amazing.

These models were designed to capture the arrogance and haughty nature of the elves, but also just how lethal they are in combat.

The spears are designed to stab through armour, the shields have sharp edges used for cutting and hacking, and  … enough, I digress.

Please enjoy the images. Let me have your comments.