So, if you’ve joined us since the Kickstarter ended for Mars Attacks, you might be wondering why you should invest in it now.
So I thought I’d put together a couple of articles together to help you decide.
Today, I’m going to share the top five reasons you should consider Mars Attacks, and on Thursday, I’ll share some resources and unboxing videos.

Five reasons to consider Mars attacks

5. It’s wacky, cinematic fun

The whole game is designed around the smooth flow of actions and reactions, and is completely cinematic and often unpredictably funny.  It’s very easy to keep or lose the upper hand, just with cards, which means the game is more than just a dice off.

3774.1.600.600.FFFFFF.04. The models come ready to play

There’s no assembly (bar the scenery, I’ll get to that in a minute!), so you can basically open the box and go. The scenarios are easy to get the hang of too – in short, it’s easy just to grab and go.

Mars attacks ready to play3. Scenery

I’m mad about this scenery  – as I’ve said in previous posts about our other ruined scenery, I think this is a great addition to any tabletop collection, not just for this game, but as an investment for other games.

scenery2. Hilarity

Unless you’re playing against me, most near earth sci-fi games that aren’t comedies, aren’t funny (they’re funny when I play because unerringly, anything that can go wrong does).  They’re grim, they’re terrifying and they’re often on that brittle edge of hopelessness that makes them truly spectacular (because when you win, you really WIN).
Mars Attacks is different.  I can’t define exactly why, but although it looks hopeless when you play (the Martian overlords are destroying the town after all!) it’s really easy to get into the swing of things and play tactically, and take it all back. It’s not a game that doesn’t allow tactical decisions at all – in fact, tactics kinda makes the difference (cover, what to play from your hand etc.)  Which sometimes leads to really hilarious outcomes (like burning cows, flying through the air, or cars exploding and taking out walls, people, martians ;))

And the top reason you should play, in my opinion…

1.  The Minis.

They’re gorgeous.


So, what do you think?  Wanna grab a copy?

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