I know there are a lot of people on the fence about whether they should back our Kickstarter, so I thouht I’d put together a mini post to help people with some of the questions they’ve had, and talk about some of the things that people may have missed in the mad rush.

What we’ve achieved so far

At the time of writing this post, we have raised just shy of $410,000.  We’ve raised enough to unlock an expansion pack, with new story lines and most recently, broke 3d furniture, along with everything else that was already in the box.  We’ve announced add ons for everything from dice to extra tiles and furniture and more.  While some of this will appear in the box (anything marked ‘Dungeon Master’ in fact), some of these are add-ons.  And we’re steaming on with more great content.

current $100

So, I thought I’d share some reasons you might want to look at our Kickstarter

  1. Kickstarters are always great value for money if they get stretch goals – Kickstarters with stretch goals and exclusives represent a copy of the game that will be very expensive to otherwise assemble, and give backers the chance to grab a box stuffed with goodies.  Our current boxed set contains a lot (check the Kickstarter page for an accurate overview).  While I can’t predict what we’ll end with, what we’ve got right now is pretty neat.
  2. You’re helping fund a game and build a community – while it sounds really funny, Kickstarters help build communities (which is why we also add retailer support to our projects) because more people buy the games and get excited about them, so there’s an instant buzz at release.  Currently, you can test out our alpha rules and offer feedback.
  3. You are jumpstarting the development of the game, which means we can develop more items towards a vibrant community.  And to be honest, I love nothing more than community – I look after you guys, so having a bigger community makes me happier – and it means there’s more people to talk to, more people to share dungeon designs and ideas.
  4.  It’s designed for new gamers and advanced gamers alike – whether it’s a quick scenario to learn what you’d like to learn about the game,  or your own kick ass dungeon, it’s all supported in the base game, with your basic pledge.  There are also AI rules, and more all in the box.
  5. And may I say, it’s a cool game.  I’ve been excited about it since I heard of it – we’ve talked a lot about what makes it a great game already, and we’re adding stretch goals all the time, so it’s well worth investing in.  I’m really enjoying the buzz in the community too – it’s been really fun to see how great the response has been so far.

Haven’t convinced you?  How about the add ons?  We’ve added some great value bundles, and you don’t need to pledge for the base game to get them – you can grab the great value add ons with the $1 + the cost of add on(s).

I’m really looking forward to seeing where it ends and what’s next to unlock.  What would you most like to see next?

And have you entered our competition?

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