DreadBall Season Six is now available to pre-order from all friendly local gaming stores and the Mantic website.

Here are five things you need to know:

5) DreadBall now boasts a roster of 25 Teams

This week we’ve covered the four new teams, rounding up the total roster for DreadBall Teams to 24 – plus the Martian team!


Check out the four teams in more details here:

But there’s so much more to DreadBall Season Six:

4) The New Season Six Book includes rules for new Giants and more!

As well as all of the background, rules and stats you need to play with the team, DreadBall Season Six includes:

  • Rules for introducing hacking to your games
  • Background and stats for four extreme giants!
  • Everything you need to know about five new MVPs and an alternate Referee!
  • All-new Abilities
  • Free Agents Table


3) I Am The Law

Alongside four very character new MVPs…


… there are two characters we’ve especially licensed for  DreadBall – including this Judge Dredd Referee!


And this Brutal Deluxe player:

2) Ice Cream, Ice Cream

DreadBall is the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport™, but it’s not the only sport across realities to put players into a high-tech arena where violence is important as skill with a ball. Hector Weiss was a superstar Speedball player, a member of perennial underdog fan favourites Brutal Deluxe. He was at the peak of his game when the team’s Galactic Tour fell afoul of a deepspace anomaly that sucked him out of his cabin. As he blacked out, he thought it was all over, but he came to on a pitch surrounded by strange armoured players slinging around a small metal ball and instantly felt right at home. DreadBall was everything he could have hoped for, a fitting showcase for his skill and showmanship. He just needed to find a vendor selling ice cream and it would be like he never left home…


1) There’s a Digital Edition coming!

Look out for the enhanced Season Five and Season Six digital editions being released on the 30th October.

DB-S6-rulebookGet them straight to your library by pre-ordering the DreadBall Digital Compendium here.

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