It’s been really busy these past few months, since I took over the community manager post, and I thought it might be nice to do a recap for the things you may have missed that’s been going on lately at Mantic HQ. We’ve been pushing forward lately, and innovating our range for our community, so I thought it might be nice to do a bit of a retrospective.

The top five things you may have missed

5. Ruins Sprues in pre-order, terrain available.  Our modular terrian suits any sci-fi setting and is infintely configurable.  It’s also available in various sizes of packs.  Ruins to match are now in pre-release, but our Battlezones range is looking really good.  Want a closer look?  Check out Ronnie’s Battlezone videos on Youtube.

4. Abyssal Dwarves – didn’t get a lot of love because it was just before I came into post, but the Abyssal Dwarves were released to lots of happy people on Facebook.  Grab your army for Kings of War, or single pieces just because.  

3.  Rules committee and looking for staff – We’re looking for volunteers to keep our rules and campaigns fresh (located anywhere you like!), and four posts are available at the time of writing this post in Nottingham.  So, if you wanna come work for Mantic, now is a great time! We’re also looking for more Pathfinders, and would love to hear from YOU, especially if you’re in Northern Ireland, Wales or South West England.

Looking for Pathfinders...

Looking for Pathfinders…

2. We’re offering a free accessory sprue to new signups to our newsletter.  The items are strictly limited, so sign up fast!

Quick, enter my details! I want a sprue!!!

1. Deadzone has been released!  Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be sharing more Deadzone with you, and getting stuck into why it’s a fabulous sci-fi game that you have to play!  Check out this post from January to see some of the stuff we’ll be talking about in more depth!MGTSCI23-1-accessory-sprues-colour-shot

And hopefully, that’s you all caught up on some of the things going on lately.

And…one extra …


Anything you’d like to see more of?


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