We always like to finish the week off with something a little bit special; a little bit different. Well, seems like we cannot stop the guys at Golem Painting Studio because, after taking full advantage of the fact that the Revenant Knight sculpts have been made in plastic resin, they have created and painted up this incredible Revenant Knight Standard Bearer!

We’ve included some larger than normal images for you to pour over, partly because it shows off the incredible detail on these master-crafted sculpts, partly because it’s one hell of a paint job! So guys, whether you’re a painter, gamer or simply have a good eye for exceptional quality at affordable prices, you can advance order your set here – let’s see who’s brave enough to pick up the Horde!


Now yesterday we mentioned we’d have a bit of a Q&A – well, we picked some of the main points that came up most frequently and gave them to Ronnie. Here’s what he had to say:

1) The new resin-plastic is less brittle than conventional (or hard plastic) but doesn’t bend like metal. They cut very nicely, and we have found them very easy to clean up and work with – certainly easier than metal. If the plastic lance (for example) receives a strong bend it will create a white mark like the hard plastics. It then bends back straight – we have experienced no snapping (but if you repeated bend it back and forwards like a mad man I am sure you could!)

2) There is very little warpage to the components, but a couple of lances have been under pressure during shipping so have curved slightly. We used the hot and cold method – and it worked a treat! It looks like you will not find much warping – but any you do can easily rectified with warming and straightening.

3) There are not plans to make the 3-ups in this format. It will be used to produce elite units, such as cavalry, special regiments and the such. I expect heroes and character models to remain in metal – and the core infantry units to be in the hard plastic, as they are now.

Well guys, drop us your thoughts on Tommy’s fantastic paint job below; we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do with your own set!

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