After our brief DreadBall hiatus earlier today, we’re back to the Basileans – and today we’re looking at those holy crusaders, the Paladins.


Paladin Regiment

Paladin Foot Guard Regiment

The Paladins of Basilea  are holy men utterly devoted to worship of the Shining ones. During peacetime they spend their days in meditation and prayer, aiding the sick and needy, teaching, or preserving and spreading ancient knowledge. When battle calls they clad themselves in full plate, take up their swords and become warriors without compare. Certain of their place in the afterlife, they are shielded by their faith and afraid of little other than dishonour. 

Paladin Foot Guard are the solid backbone of the Basilean army – if you send them to do something, there’s a good chance they’ll get it done! With their Melee score of 3+ with Crushing Strength (1), they’re more than capable of hacking apart most units. They also have a decent Nerve score, and the Headstrong rule means that even if they Waver, they’re likely to return to the fight quickly. Furthermore, a Regiment of 20 will only set you back £19.99 / $34.99, so there’s no reason why you can’t take one or two!


Paladin Knights Regiment

Paladin Knights Regiment

Paladins exult in combat, as nothing is more sacred to them than the blood of Basilea’s enemies in the dust. They fight either on foot in the Paladin Guard or as Paladin Knights mounted on heavy-set warhorses. When mounted and using their famous long lances the Paladins achieve their truly awesome battlefield potential, and it is not for naught that Paladin Knights are among the most feared cavalry units in all of Mantica.

If you want a bit more range and hitting power from your Paladins, look no further than the knights. They’ve heavy cavalry through-and-through – barded steeds, huge lances, heavy armour. This is reflected in their profile, which increases their Crushing Strength to 2 and their Defence to 5+. They’re not as fast as some cavalry, with a Speed of 8, but you’ve got Panther Lancers for that; this unit is designed to spearhead your charge, striking a vulnerable enemy in the flank and destroying it utterly.


Check back tomorrow for more Basileans – we’ll be looking at the army deals and giving you your first look at Gnaeus Sallustis, Grand Master of Basilea!


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