Time to sound the charge!

Sound the charge, and let slip the panthers of war!

With The Basilean Legacy on the horizon, Kings of War players across the world have been getting in touch, wanting to see how the Basilean army works on the table. Alessio’s been bashing away at the Force List for quite some time now, taking on feedback from various angles, and it’s finally ready to show to the world!


You can view the Force List by clicking the image above, or save it by right-clicking. Please note that this is the stripped-back web-only version – the Force List in The Basilean Legacy is much more comprehensive, with plenty of background about each unit. However, the file above still has all the rules and information that you need to get your Basilean force onto the battlefield!

Check out the list, play a few games and let us know what you think in the comments below! Don’t forget there are two more force lists in The Basilean Legacy – we’ll be telling you more about them later this week…

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