February brings with it a new swathe of Forge Father box-sets including the mighty Iron Ancestor Doomstorm – armed with two Hailstorm Autocannons!

We’ve also got the newly configured Drakkarim set – complete with four flamethrowers – and the Thorgarim, a combat squad with four Heat Hammers!

There’s also the Thorgarim Hero – a new metal blister.

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Forge Father releases we’ve put together Dargo’s Veteran Company – a 50 Figure army that includes 2 Doomstorms, 20 Steel Warriors, 20 Stormrage Veterans, 5 Thorgarim, 5 Drakkarim, a Thorgarim Hero and a Surtr Heavy Heatcannon – all for just £99!

There’s also a printed copy of the 36 page Warpath 2.0 rules containing the full Forge Father Army List (which you can also download here!) – Dargo’s Veteran Company actually comes to around 1800 points for Warpath!

The Forge Fathers are released 25th February – pre-order yours on the Mantic webstore now.

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