Next week see’s the launch of the latest additions to the Forge Fathers – The Drakkarim, Thorgarim, Thorgarim Hero and the mighty Iron Ancestor Doomstorm (with double Hailstorm Autocannons!)

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Forge Father releases we’ve put together Dargo’s Veteran Company – a 50 Figure army that includes 2 Doomstorms, 20 Steel Warriors, 20 Stormrage Veterans, 5 Thorgarim, 5 Drakkarim, a Thorgarim Hero and 2 Surtr Heavy Heatcannons – all for just £99!

There’s also a printed copy of the 36 page Warpath 2.0 rules containing the full Forge Father Army List (which you can also download here!) – Dargo’s Veteran Company actually comes to around 1800 points for Warpath!

The Forge Fathers are released 25th February – pre-order yours on the Mantic webstore now.

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