Wow what a week this has been!

The office is very busy, exactly how we like it to be here at Mantic!

This week we’re been going through all the fantastic new Drakkarim and Steel Warrior with Tactical Upgrade boxes and a load of other Forge Father related stuff. We know you guys have been waiting to see the fully painted unit all week… Well here it is:


Drakkarim Unit – new legs, new torsos,all enclosed helmets, Dragon’s Breath special weapon and the Mjolnir Rocket Launcher – what a kit!

Comments below guys, and if you want to see some more close up shots we will be featuring them on the blog on Monday.

All of you will have seen that we’ve put the pre-orders up for the core sets. Well, in addition for all of you hard-core hobbyists out there we have done a couple of bags of loose components,allowing you to upgrade the plastic sprues you’ve already got. Check them out here!

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