We met a gentlemen called Andrew Ovel at our Warpath Launch Party back in November and he’s posted a new blog about Mantic’s sci-fi miniatures and Warpath over on 40KUK.com. Here’s a snippet:

Well on the 12th of November it was the launch party for Warpath, and I was lucky enough to snag myself a couple of tickets to this exclusive event. This meant that I could get some hands on experience of playing the game, and get an inside look at the company too.  It’s not every day you get an invitation to have a game with Alessio Cavatore, or have the head of the company (in this case a really outstandingly nice man called Ronnie Renton) sit you down talk about their range of games and models, and tell you all about his plans for the companies future

Head over there now for the full article!

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