The team at Mantic Digital have been very busy!

DreadBall Free Rules

For the first time ever you can now download all the rules you need to play DreadBall, for free!

Built from the same Living Rules as the DreadBall Compendium, you can now get all the rules for DreadBall on Mantic Digital, which you can store to use offline with the Mantic Games app.

This new free-to-download ruleset features the same great interactive glossary, embedded FAQs and up-to-date errata. It’s almost criminal to give it away.

Would be fun to do something similar with Deadzone, wouldn’t it?unnamed-3

DreadBall RefBot

DreadBall Refbot is the perfect quick reference app for fans of DreadBall, powered by Geiger and the DreadBall living ruleset.

This fantastic app gives you instant access to actions, abilities and stats for all current (and future) DreadBall Teams and MVPs, and is now available for the special price of Free!

DreadBall Refbot is available on Google Play Mantic Digital and next week on the iTunes App Store.




Dreadball Compendium Update

Mantic Digital has come a long way since launch back on January (I know right, it feels longer) and our first set of books for DreadBall were due a bit of an overhaul.

Over the summer we’ve been working on new versions of Seasons 1-3, Azure Forest and the DreadBall Compendium, improving the glossary, adding a more accurate search and reducing image sizes for faster downloads. All of this combines together to create a much faster, smoother experience.

If you tried the online rules back in January but then stuck with the PDF, have a look again and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can get yours here!

We’ll be pushing an update to the Mantic Games app in the next few days, enabling delta updates (only downloading the bits that changed, saving you data) but if you can’t wait, just hold your finger on the book icon in the Mantic Games app and hit the delete button that appears. That’ll remove the old book from your app and all you have to do is tap the book’s icon again to download the new version.

Being Irish we could have called our friends at U2, as they seem to be the experts at delivering content without anyone knowing, but we thought better of it.

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