…and it is time to go on a Frenzy!

Dreadball is all about teams – and we want to get lots of interesting ones for you to pick from during this campaign! Traditionally we use stretch goals to do this – but sometimes we like to make up our own rules – this is Xtreme afterall!


Already we have funded the Xtreme game, the Xpansion set and locked in the first 4 teams (also known as the Season 4 teams) – and as a thank you for doing that everyone from Rampage level and up has got all those teams in their pledge.

BUT now it is time to really start ramping up the team choices!

The Brokkrs unlock at $400,000 – but what about the others?

Well we are going to unlock one new Season 5 team a day – starting tonight!

Everyone in at Frenzy or above is going to get all of these new teams – and they will be maxed too – so 16 players per team. This means if you are in there you can just sit back and see that value climbing!


Read the full story on the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter!

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