On the ground the remaining Enforcers were left in arctic conditions with limited supplies and no chance of immediate support. Their mission, however, remains. If the Veer-myn were able to take the remaining spaceport and reach Priory Station they could spread their bleeding sickness throughout Second Sphere space, infecting billions. The Enforcers must eliminate the Veer-myn threat before they can reach the station and be lost among the stars of the GCPS…

Deadzone is the science fiction miniatures game where two Strike Teams do battle in a war-torn urban battlezone.

deadzone-contents-shot-smlIn Deadzone, you will build your force from deadly soldiers and powerful heroes. Across one-off games or a linked campaign, your squad will grow in number and experience, earning special abilities and new equipment.

Deadzone is played on an interactive 3D gaming board built using the innovative hard plastic Battlezones Terrain Tiles. These tiles are fully modular, simply use the connectors and click the pieces together. No glue required.

Deadzone: Infestation on Kickstarter

Deadzone: Infestation – a new expansion and updated main rulebook – are currently on Kickstarter, funding the new Veer-myn Faction as well as new miniatures for existing factions, such as the Enforcer Pathfinders and Plague Beast.

There are just seven days of this Kickstarter remaining!


This Kickstarter campaign is all about making a great game even better: whether that’s with a cleaned-up version of the rules, a new campaign pack, new Veer-myn faction, new scenery or additions to the existing ranges.

We’re offering a fantastic, great value for money deal to help you get on-board with this science fiction skirmish game. It is called Quarantine and is $115 on Kickstarter:

DZ-kickstarter-quarantineV12So, why is Quarantine special?

A Great Deal! Quarantine is our sweet spot pledge level, containing free goodies and bonus extras individually worth $200 at discounted Kickstarter prices.

Get started with Deadzone! Play a fast, fun skirmish game with a deep, compelling campaign system where your elite soldiers grow in experience and strength the more games you play. Get your collection started with two factions and all of the scenery, cards, counters and rules you need to play!

The Ultimate Expansion Pack! If you already have the game, Quarantine is the great-value-for-money way of getting the new faction, miniatures and rules, with some juicy exclusives including Blaine on Jetbike and The Piper – a named Veer-myn special character!

The Kickstarter so far…

We’ve achieved so much already on this Kickstarter, unlocking a FREE Faction Booster in the Quarantine pledge, and these great miniature kits:


Veer-myn Night-Crawlers/Stalkers – Hard Plastic

Veer-myn Shredder/Ravager – Hard Plastic

Veer-myn Progenitor – Metal

Veer-myn Brood Mother – Metal

Veer-myn Night Terror with Reaper Harness – Resin

Veer-myn “The Piper” Named Character – Resin


Enforcer Pathfinders – Hard Plastic

Enforcer Jetbikes – Hard Plastic

Blaine on Jetbike – Resin

That’s alot, and there’s plenty more still to come…

Plague Beast – Coming Soon:

Plague Beast

Join us, and please pledge your support now. There are just 6 days remaining…

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