We’ve now broken the back of February and we’ve hurtled straight into March, a month that is going to be marked by the sci-fi troopers of the Corporation, ahead of April’s Project Pandora and May’s Veer-myn launch.

Corporation-RangerssmlThe Corporation Rangers will be out in March

Speaking of Veer-myn, towards the end of the month we’re going to be giving away a free Veer-myn Dossier – a free guide to the new sci-fi race from Mantic Games. It’ll include stats to use the models in Warpath, background and the first look at the Veer-myn units.

Those of you already on the newsletter would have received the Corporation Dossier and seen the new units before anyone else – the Veer-myn Dossier will do absolutely the same thing, bringing you all the latest news straight to your inbox!

DossierThe Corporation Dossier contains background text and full colour images of the painted Corporation, exclusive to the newsletter!

Look out for the newsletter towards the end of the month if you’re already signed up and, if you’re not, all you need to do is enter your name and email address into the sign-up form here and you’ll automatically be registered to receive the Dossier.

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