There is less than 8 hours to go on the Mars Attacks Kickstarter and Natalya has now been funded – plus we’re now heading to our next stretch goal…

NEW! Mini-stretch $530,000 Masters of Science!

The sewage tunnels were old, and damp, but they were a perfect way to get around without being seen by the Martians. Ashley fumbled in her coat pocket for another clip, and reloaded. Two weeks ago, if someone had asked her to do that in the dark, she would have laughed at them, but now it was second nature. She paused as she heard a noise up ahead. Was it just her imagination, or was the blackness of the tunnel starting to take on a slight greenish quality? She looked behind her, and sure enough, she could see a dim glow reflected in the eyes of the fire team at her back – and it was getting brighter. Something was up ahead, something they hadn’t seen before. She pulled back the cocking lever and prayed it was something they could deal with…

We will unlock these babies!


The Science Division are always experimenting with war-winning experiments – and some not so war-winning!

Science Division Infantry can be triggered with the Masters of Science card in-game to produce some whacky effects and when we hit this stretch goal, we will inject the Science Division Infantry with Masters of Science Kickstarter Exclusive translucent green plastic.

But what effect should the Masters of Science have? Invincibility for one turn? Maybe super speed? Perhaps a warp field that mutates things around it? Let us know in the comments and Adam Levine from Topps will pick the best!

Every pledge of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Bird) and up will get 1 individual Kickstarter Exclusive Masters of Science infantry figures – and we’ll also put up a the unit of 6 (including Unit Commander and Heavy Weapon) as a core add-on!


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