As part of our ongoing support for Dwarf King’s Hold, Jake Thornton has now posted his living FAQ thread on his blog. Jake has this to say

The Living FAQ is the sandpit for me to deal with any rules questions that you might have about any of the games in the Dwarf King’s Hold series.

Unlike most FAQs it has a comments section for you to ask questions, and as it is on this site I will check it frequently. It is, in effect, a continual work in progress. Periodically Mantic will do a pretty version of this FAQ for their main site, which will form a sort of stable benchmark. These will be updated as necessary – probably not often once the initial dust settles.

If you have any questions on the game rules, or if you see a post on a forum somewhere that does, then please direct them here so I can deal with them all in a single document. That way questions get answered consistently and everyone gets the benefit!

We will release a PDF with all of the latest FAQs in periodically but for now, if you’ve got a question – get and put it to Jake!

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