It’s the 21st November and there’s just four days until the release of the Forge Fathers. Our warehouse is churning out Forge Father sets as our pre-orders start shipping and it’s quite exciting to watch the start of our second Warpath army head out into the wilderness, whether that’s straight into your hands or the shelves of your local hobby retailer.

It seems many of you have started getting your Fate of the Forgestar sets built and painted up and we’re starting to see project logs on various forums starting to crop up, such as these two:

Jack Da Greenskin on Warseer

Jack Warseer 1Jack Warseer 2Warpath Forge Fathers converted with bits from the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 range.

Sinphonite on Dakka Dakka

Sin-dakka1Warpath Forge Fathers – Steel Warriors with BFGs and the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

Got a Warpath/Kings of War project on the go? Then why not post a link below to your blog or project log!

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