With just over a fortnight to go until the Mars Attacks Kickstarter launches, we’re working like crazy to make sure everything’s ready in time. The models are being sculpted digitally, and as you can see with Buddy and Brandi below, they’re looking great! Also, they’re really close to the concept artwork. (Our in-house painter Dave is already overjoyed about Buddy’s Hawaiian shirt…)

Buddy and Brandi - 3D render

Buddy and Brandi – 3D render

It’s not just the human survivors that we’ve been working on, either! The leader of the Martian forces is looking particularly impressive, and again he’s remarkably close to the concept art. Remember, every Martian model will have a separate clear helmet, which you can glue on once you’ve painted them (or straight away if you’re not interested in painting!)

Field General Tor - 3D render

Field General Tor – 3D render

What do you think of these? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to get over to www.marsattacksthegame.com to register your email address!

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