Every now and again there’s a slight change of plan and, as our faithful Facebook fans will have seen, we’ve updated the name of the Khaos Dwarfs to Abyssal Dwarfs. This change has already been made it’s way across the website and we’ve also now set a firm release date on the new range.

The Abyssal Dwarfs will be launched on the 25th February – though you can get them earlier if you pre-order one of our outstanding army deals!


On a name changing front, the Dakka Dakka Name-A-Dwarf unit competition for the Thunder-Rippers ends tonight, as does the discussion group for the Army List Beta on Beasts of War and the Heresy Online competition to win one of three Abyssal Dwarf Boxsets worth £50!! That’s a lot of Dwarf action still to be had so make you take part! You’ve got until midnight GMT tonight!

On a final note, the countdown has begun – there are only 6 days left until our largest, most value-for-money, Army Deals have to change as we implement the UK Vat Rise – there’s only so long we can hold out and we want to give you guys as long as possible to get the maximum number of figures you can and the best possible value! Check out the Army Deals and Offers here.

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