Another Gen Con done and in the books.  Let me tell you this was one of the busiest and best Gen Cons to date.

Wednesday had us setting up the booth real early in Africa hot temperatures.  We all must have sweated off 20 pounds or 1.4 stone for our friends across the way.20150729_153341


Thursday was a big day with all the VIG’ers coming in early and all in a rush to try out Dungeon Saga which should be shipping in September sometime.




Friday was 3rd annual General Control Dreadball tournament. 16 coaches showed from all over North America with the winner coming from Texas and Dreadball Ironman Geoff Burbidge coming into the States from Canada for his 3rd NADC regional tournament for the year! The Gen Con Cup standings were as follows.

Garrison Grubaugh played Void Sirens with 10 points taking the Blaine home!


David Baker player Hobgoblins with 8 points taking 2nd place.


Shawn Grubaugh took home most brutal with 2 kills. David had the most kills but we spread the love here as he won 2nd place.  Surprisingly not very many kills this tournament.


John Jack out of Nebraska took Fan Favorite with 46 cheers.  Look for John Jack’s NADC regional in Lincoln NE, in a couple of months.


Best painted went to Geoff Burbidge with his Mechanite team.



Congratulations to Garrison. He is another young buck to win a regional.  I’d like to see Xanth and Garrison battle it out for the National Championship at Adepticon if they can make to Chicago in March.  Watch out, the young are gunning for the old :).

Friday night was the Kings of War mega battle run by Mike Carter.  10,000 points a side makes for one big battle!

Saturday was a bunch of demoing both at the booth and in the miniature hall.  Saturday night was the Clash of Kings.  The winners are:

Kara Brown who played Abyssal Dwarfs took home the Blaine!

Kara Brown GC 2015

Shannon Shoemaker played Goblins and took second.


Donny Harville took home 3rd and played Ogres.Donny

Jon Carter took home best appearance with an Undead army.


Saturday night also saw a Mantic Open Night held at the Colts Grills in downtown Indianapolis. Demo games of Kings of War v2 were held and many walked away very impressed.  Dungeon Saga was also a big hit with a lot of the gamers there. The game so far is very well received. Dreadball and Dreadball Xtreme also had many player on the fence with diving into the future sports game of the future. Ronnie also was locked down with many a question and many a beer.  Next Mantic Open Night to be at Adepticon in March 2016.  Keep an eye out for announcements.



Sunday was easy day with everyone just getting their last minute shopping done.  Even Deadpool had time to stop by and try out Mars Attack before decided to grab a box.



See you next year Gen Con with a very BIG BIG surprise!

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