That’s right my friends!  The largest gaming convention in North America is almost upon us and I just want to let you know what we at Mantic have got in store for you!  Come see us July 30th through August 2nd in Indianapolis! Mantic will be at Booth 1637.  Here’s the link to the Exhibitor Map for Gen Con.  Remember booth 1637!

Gen Con 2015 Exhibitor Map


At the booth this year, we’re going to have demos of our all our games from Deadzone to  Mars Attack to the newest version of Kings of War!  Speaking of Kings of War, if you get to the booth early enough we should have some early release copies of the 2nd edition rule book before they hit the stores.  Come by do a demo and grab the new hotness!















Not only will we have the new hotness we’ll have the new hottyness….hotterness….hotestness?  What we’ll have is demos of Dungeon Saga!  Come by and learn how to play before they hit the shelves. Take a peek in the display case and see the fantastic figures that you’ll get in that awesome looking Tome.  So excited for this game, I can hardly stand it.




























Even more bigger news!  Just like last year, if you’re planning on attending Gen Con, and you place an order on the web before the middle of July, just add the ship to Gen Con button to you cart and get your order shipped to Gen Con for free!  Just stop by the booth with the biggest bag you have and pick up your goodies.  Just bring proper ID to claim your purchase.

As always we will have great events running the whole weekend.  A Clash of Kings for Kings war will be held on Saturday in the evening so get your tickets now!  The General Control Games or Gen Con Games Cup, a Dreadball tournament is sold out but if you want to play stop by with a generic ticket and hopefully we can make a spot for you.  Remember this is a NADC regional and the winner will gain free entry into the finals at Adepticon.  Looking for a Deadzone event, we have Battle for Inpolis Prime which is a Deadzone tournament, grab spot while there are some left!

Sunday we have a Zombie scenario for Deadzone as well as Learn and Play events for all the current game systems that Mantic is selling.  If you play in a ticketed event, your event organizer will give a coupon good for 10% off at the booth!  Don’t miss out on all the fun!

We are all excited to see all our fans and supporters this year and from what I hear there are rumors of a Mantic Open Night but stop by the booth for more information on that.  At the very least stop by and say hi to Ronnie and maybe he’ll let some secrets loose!

See you in a month or so!


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