Since we have got back fromGencon it has been mad busy!

We have shipped all the pre-orders for Grafe’s steel legion, put together Journal number 2, shipped all the orders with the Dwarf releases off to your local game stores, finalised a big part of next years release plan – and we’ll you know, just lots.

However, the 4 days at Gencon we are great chance to reflect on the past 12 months. Last year we went there with one plastic elf scout sprue – this year we were back with three complete armies, weeks away from our game, three paint sets, lots of great people signed up to our news letter and facebook, and with Zombies and the Undead cavalry just down the road.

Mantic products are available in over 30 countries and new ones come on line every day.

None of this would have been possible without all the help from the gaming community spreading the word 9and buying up huge armies!) – for your help over the last year – thank you.

Over the next week we’ll be putting up all the stories from Gencon, and the people we met 9and some we remember from last year!) and our photos – so please keep popping back.

Until then, if you thought 2010 was exciting for Mantic – just wait until you here what we have planned for next year. A clue?
Okay, we have already booked our Gencon space – and it is three times as big!!!!
See you there!

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