To celebrate the launch of the Battlezones range of affordable modular wargames terrain in May – and the impending launch of the Ruins – we’re giving away 500 FREE hard plastic terrain sprues!!


Claiming your free accessory sprue is simple – all you need to do is fill out and submit the form here! Not only will we post you out your accessory sprue free of charge, but you’ll also be signed up to the Mantic newsletter where you’ll receive updates on all the latest rumours, gossip, Kickstarters and great offers.

Note that you’ll only receive the terrain sprue if you are not already signed up to the Mantic Newsletter. If you are already signed up please check out the newsletter released on the 6th June because we are doing something special for you as well!


About the accessory sprue

This hard plastic kit is covered in barrels, crates, railings, ladders, lamp posts and internal supports – perfect for enhancing your battlefield and providing cover to protect against incoming laser fire!


Remember there are just 500 of these sprues to give away, so get on and sign-up!

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