We are just hitting the half way mark on the Warpath Kickstarter, and I have a feeling things are just about to get fun….

Thank you all once again for another firecracker start to the latest Mantic KS. It felt like Warpath was building all year, and then all of a sudden was upon us!

We’ve had a great start to the campaign and just gone past the amazing $250,000 goal. As always week 2 is a bit of lull – before the final run fireworks!

In the first phase we did the sensible things. Obviously that starts with the rules – and they only took about 11 minutes to fund!


The next objective for a hard sci-fi tabletop wargame had to be some vehicles – I think it is a big skirmish game without tanks and planes at this point! – and we have already crashed through 3 of those – with the Interceptor, the Forge Father tank (my favourite – but only so far!) and the Veer-myn Tunneler.

I think this gives us 3 almost complete plastic armies – and it will be great as people take up the game to have full choices for a number of armies.

It also means that we can drop in the ‘complete’ army pledge that you’ve been asked for in the comments.

This is a full 2000 points (roughly) of army – it is generally about 3 battlegroups. Until we had the vehicles we didn’t feel comfortable putting this up – there is only some much infantry anyone can have!


We will also let you pick different battlegroups with this pledge – so if you have lots of Enforcers and a few Veer-myn you can add a couple of vehicle options and an infantry one as your 3 battlegroups, or if you want a few different armies for Firefight.

The complete army ‘Total Warfare’ pledge is now up – and ties up with a few boosts for different armies at the same time – as a big thank you for getting us to this point.


However, I know what you want is the new stuff, the fresh meat!

New armies to lead – or kill! ☺

We had a little hint with the Asterians just arriving in hard plastic and now we are past the $250,000 milestone we can get going on some more.

We want to make sure any armies we start we can get into – and so the next phase will be seeing some more Asterians (like the amazing, oh my goodness Asterian flyer!!!)


And getting going on the Corporation – infantry and vehicles – which also give us vehicles for the Plague and Rebs too.

We also have Stewart (the Warpath rules designer) on the Beasts of War Weekender – so be sure to check in on him to hear the latest.

Thanks for backing us so far – let’s see how far this baby can go!



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