Black stone-giants that tower over the battlefield, these monsters thunder against the enemy under the control of the Iron-casters that animated them.


Hes not actually big, just close to the camera.

Alongside the Elves release, the darkling hordes of the Abyssal Dwarfs are also gaining huge support. You might even call this a colossal release. Today we look at the model so large that we’re weren’t even sure if we could cast it – the Greater Obsidian Golem!

Greater Obsidian concept

Greater Obsidian concept

Even in his hunched pose, the Golem stands a might 9cm tall. It’s mounted on a 75mm square base, just like the dragon. In fact, this is the second largest model we’ve ever made, with the dragon placing first and the Martian Robot being the tallest, but much thinner. Despite it’s size, the model has all sorts of interesting details – from the cracked, igneous skin to the crystals atop its back. Metal plates and exposed infernal magma tie it in with it’s smaller cousins and a choice of heads can be use to add variety, should you be fielding more than one. Originally, we were going to produce this model in metal, but the sheer weight of it would have broken tables, so we’ve gone for a high quality resin for the production models. They will be light enough and super-detailed!

Greater Obsidian Golem scale

I pity the Dwarf.

On the table, the Golem is a slow moving killing machine. With 8 attacks, Crushing Strength (3) and no Individual, it can happily take on a unit on its own. The large size and slow speed make it vulnerable to flanking, so make sure to support with other units from your army, as well as taking an Iron Caster to Heal and Surge when appropriate.Greater Obsidian Golem

The Greater Obsidian Golem is up for pre-order now!


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