I think Ronnie has kick-started our Kings of War week off with a great foundation – the game isn’t going anywhere and is only going to get bigger!

We’ve teased through some of the concept art for the Goblins and Twilight Kin in our new releases section, which has been updated with all of February’s advance orders (and look out for more on March’s Corporation releases coming very soon, like next week soon!).

So, in that vein, we have a feasts of concept art for you, starting with the Goblins…

These are concepts for the new metal Goblin Spearmen unit… Of course, these aren’t the first Goblins we’ve done – the Goblin Sneek in the Krudger’s Gang and the Goblin and Mawbeast blister released this week are both excellent we think.

Goblin-and-MawbeastGoblin and Mawbeast

We’ve just received some new Goblin shots in fact so we’ll be posting these up this week. Check back tomorrow where we will have more on the Twilight Kin Assassin and a new Twilight Kin video!

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