Well what a year!

We met so many great people, had a fantastic time at loads of shows, released piles of soldiers – and it just feels like we haven’t even finished the starters yet – next year will certainly be the main course with way more to come!!

Kings of War Christmas Starter Set

The Battleset, tools and paint range, all released in 2010, are just for starters!

What do I mean? Well, we have the Khaos Dwarfs, then the Orcs, and then we have the…what, am I not supposed to talk about that?
Oh, well can I talk about the licence? Oh, not for 2 more weeks, right.

Surely I must be free to talk about something?

Well seen as you know we are big teases – clues it is.

1) at least 2 more games next year!

2) At least three plastics kits for the orcs – and probaly more!

3) 4 new army lists up for Beta in the next three months – taking the total to 8!

4) more? Keep coming back. I am at home, and feeling mischevious – so the blog is where it will be at!

Khaos Dwarfs are just one of the surprises for 2011

Khaos Dwarfs are just one of the surprises for 2011

Best wishes, looking forward to an explosive 2011!

p.s – over 12 individual plastic sets – more than 1 per month, plus metal! Oh baby!

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