Interested in Mars Attacks Miniatures but don’t want the full game? Maybe you just want the US Soldiers or the ruined scenery?

Maybe you just want a snazzy T-shirt?

Mars Attacks T-Shirt

Well, you can pledge for just about anything on the Mars Attacks Kickstarter!

Any items in the Core Add-ons or Pledge Booster diagrams are available to pledge for without going for a copy of the starter set. To make it extra easy to do so, we’ve added a $1 pledge level on the right hand side on the Kickstarter front page. Just click, enter the total of the Add-ons you want, and you’re away.

This means you can pledge just for the Kickstarter Exclusive models we’ve made available as individual items if you like, with free shipping to US and UK!



Don Manning

ramirezEsteban Ramirez

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